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SYMPL Modular Range
Lighting Control Engine 2
Priscilla Queen of the Desert – New York, USA
East Pacific International Center
Mission Space – Neede, The Netherlands

Lighting Application Suite

Button Library V1.0
Icon library with about 600 different icons specially designed for usage with e:cue Programmer 'Action Pad'.
3 M
e:cue Lighting Application Suite 7.0 Service Release 1 (LAS 7.0 SR1)

with Programmer v7.0.205.6288
Release Date 2018-03-28

For Microsoft® Windows® 10, Windows® Vista® Professional SP2 (32bit or 64bit), and Windows® 7 Professional (32bit or 64bit).
CPU must support SSE2.

The Programmer 7.0 is no longer compatible in all details with older/earlier Programmer show files before v7.0.
That means, show files created in 7.0 can NOT be loaded in earlier versions.
Please use "e:cue Action Pad App for Android/iOS" in Version 3.2.15 with this Programmer.

* Programmer
* Library Editor (prerequisite for the Programmer and the Patchelor)
* Patchelor
* Imagine
* Emotion FX (restricted Demo which runs only with an e:cue Programmer Enterprise dongle, works only with Programmer 7.0)
* HASP (prerequisite for the Programmer 7.0 Enterprise and Premium)

Programmer v7.0.205.6288 bug fixes since v7.0 Hotfix1
NEW: [DALI/Action] extension in DALI action, SetIntensity has a new option set value by global e:script variable
NEW: Copy/Paste/Delete functionality for cue lists in Cue list Directory
NEW: introduce option for Live Fx: disable Auto-Copy
NEW: Fader settings can now be assimilated
NEW: DALI devices easier to assign and unintended deletion of matched addresses prevented
NEW: copy and paste a cue per e:script macro
NEW: Selecting fixtures in range through Shift + LeftClick
NEW: command bar now can select fixtures of a different type
NEW: duplicate button for labeled events
NEW: optimized TCP Client
NEW: e:script command BobCopy() to copy bobs more effectively
FIX: NiceTime() does not support % (format "%%")
FIX: Programmer crashes when starting in Kiosk mode (Windows 10)
FIX: unplug dongle crashes the Programmer
FIX: "Attempted an unsupported operation" error on startup
FIX: full-screen video playback after resolution change (remote login) crashs
FIX: crash in Http e:script
FIX: cue list playing itself crashes during export
FIX: Ethernet Input trigger rule drops some TCP/UDP packets, when cue is full
FIX: Ethernet Input trigger does not consider the Driver in Device Manager
FIX: deadlock caused by GotoCue in Macro call by remote PeerConnector
FIX: Labeled Events are exported to all ETH2DALIs
FIX: Zoom In in Preview window not centered over cursor
FIX: CuelistGetProperty on ProtectedGroup reports the MutualExcludeGroup
FIX: description of labeled event cannot be changed
FIX: cannot enter IP address for Device Visible condition in Trigger Rule
FIX: analog output value of moxa protocol is 0..5000 but we only allow 0..4095
FIX: Driver Command Action for moxa/modbus devices broken
FIX: lCE2 I/O Interface dead locks Programmer
FIX: RDM: changing DMX personality via dropdown box results in error
FIX: PJLink driver doesn't work anymore
FIX: [DALI] inconsistent group assignment when values are changed while scanning
FIX: exporting video cues with Media Player 2 does not work
FIX: new e:script commands may crash Programmer
FIX: [DALI] Int Ramp up + Down only works when a value is set
FIX: crash in DALI Address dialog on focus lost
FIX: Modbus TCP/IP Terminal cannot handle start addresses > 4095
FIX: up/down arrows in Effect Parameter fields are missing/hidden
FIX: Astronomical Conditions do not store the offset
FIX: crash on setting output value on Modus TCP/IP Terminal
FIX: crash on adding Device Visible condition in Trigger Rule
FIX: Dynamic Scroll Text - total length is wrong when using xpath
FIX: Sequencer | Actions | Copy and Paste didn't work under special conditions
FIX: Keyboard shortcuts in Preview window are not working anymore
FIX: Trigger Condition "Time" does not consider DST correctly or has 1 hour offset
FIX: Ethernet Input trigger does not fire if string ends on newline
FIX: a disabled Action Pad Button still fires events/triggers
FIX: TCP Client does not connect again, after connection loss
CHG: warn user when export will be > 2 GB
CHG: allow Dali actions in Programmer Standard
At lot of improvements in the DALI section and minor bugfixes.

Patchelor v7.0.18.1042
FIX: RGBW is not exported to Imagine Script

Library Editor v7.0.7.170
FIX: crash after renaming a duplicated item (Win10 only)

Imagine v7.0.4.139
FIX: crash on loading a *.obj file

Emotion FX v7.0.19.1148
119 M