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SYMPL Modular Range
Lighting Control Engine 2
Priscilla Queen of the Desert – New York, USA
East Pacific International Center
Mission Space – Neede, The Netherlands


e:cue SYMPHOLIGHT 2.1 Installer
Installer for the e:cue SYMPHOLIGHT 2.1 control software.
Release Date March 22th, 2018

Features in this public release include:

FIXES 2.1.12547.41 (March 22th, 2018)
FIX: SYMPL Core S: Show with signal flags can be uploaded to Core S
FIX: DALI: Matching DALI ballasts works in all situations
FIX: Improvement of show loading and saving
FIX: SYMPL Core S: Improved network connection
FIX: SYMPL Core S: Enhanced stability of DMX output
FIX: Improved Scene Editor
FIX: Better e:net stability for topology changes
FIX: GUI Editor: Improved Action Pad
FIX: Stability of timeline when working with cues
FIX: Custom Fixtures and DALI can be used together in one project
FIX: Screen resolution incompatibilities fixed, e.g. after updating SYMPHOLIGHT
FIX: Stability improvements in Workflow when using signal flags

FIXES 2.1.12172.33 (November 27th, 2017)
FIX: Corrections to the Astronomic Trigger and Astronomic Condition Workflow Designer blocks
FIX: SYMPL Core S: Time Trigger uses localized time now
FIX: DALI: Automatic Addressing can be switched on and off manually
FIX: Support custom fixtures and DALI devices in the same show
FIX: GUI Editor: Some functional improvements
FIX: Stability improvements in Workflow, when resizing, and for network connections

FIXES 2.1.11913.25 (September 27th, 2017)
FIX: Corrections to the Astronomic Trigger and Astronomic Condition Workflow Designer blocks
FIX: Issues with the Live Output On Stage feature for DALI scenes have been fixed
FIX: DALI: Consistency improvement for devices no longer being online
FIX: Workflow block for SYMPL input nodes now provides correct values and fires events correctly
FIX: Fixed in Switch Condition Workflow block
FIX: DMX output no longer continues after stopping a sequence under certain circumstances
FIX: Stability improvements

RTM-Release (February 14th, 2017)
FEATURE: In the application settings, there are now two parameter sets for automatic fades, one for media and one for Effects.
FEATURE: The default start tab can now be selected in the application settings.
FIX: Many performance and usability improvements

FEATURE: Support for Traxon DOT XLQ.
FEATURE: Several DALI auto addressing improvements.
FEATURE: SYMPHOLIGHT executes a DALI scan now when the DALI Window in Setup gets opened.
FEATURE: A new command Unassign in the context menu of the devices removes the physical device and replaces it by a virtual device to keep the port assignments.
FEATURE: Multiselection: Use the Control and Shift keys to add and remove additional fixtures to or from a selection.
FEATURE: Fixtures can now be used in one Layout only. You cannot drag and drop fixtures in the show tree from one Layout into another one anymore.
FEATURE: Copy and paste fixtures with the Copy and Paste icon in Build Mode.
FEATURE: Search&Select for Layouts like in Windows Search. Begin to type and the fitting Layout will be displayed.
FEATURE: In Setup, you can now move fixtures with the cursor keys.
FEATURE: Assigned groups are listed in fixture properties.

FEATURE: Copy and Paste single elements in Timeline.
FEATURE: Enable/disable rendered content in Timeline or icons only. This will increase speed on slower machines significantly.
FEATURE: Videos or Effects in the Timeline now can get an offset at the start.
FEATURE: New Layers can also be created by dragging a content element from an existing Layer to the lower or upper border of another Layer.
FEATURE: The Scene Editor has been reworked with many changes.
FEATURE: The Color Picker in the Scene Editor can be hidden with a button.
FEATURE: Search&Select for Sequences like in Windows Search.
FEATURE: The zoom levels for the Timeline were adjusted to navigate in bigger projects much easier. Use the modifier keys to zoom in and out freely.
FEATURE: Visibility of the Effect rectangle can now be enabled or disabled.

Workflow Designer
FEATURE: New Generic RDM Block.
FEATURE: New Workflow Designer Block: Switch Condition
FEATURE: Small popup windows show port value on mouse-over.
FEATURE: Signal Flags introduced.
FEATURE: Destination and Origin functionality for Signal Flags.
FEATURE: A Fader GUI element can be set to send output only if set manually.
FEATURE: The color of connection lines and Signal Flags can be changed now.
FEATURE: The Block for Glass Touch terminals now has an option that the LEDs follow the internal state of buttons. This reduces wiring for the Block.

GUI Editor
FEATURE: Many style options for labels added.

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e:cue SYMPHOLIGHT 2.1 SYMPL Core S Updater
Tool to create an USB stick and/or SD Card that can be used to update your SYMPL CORE S to the latest version.
Please refer to the SYMPHOLIGHT 2.1 Manual (Chapter 14) for more information on the update process.

Version S2.1.12547
Release Date March 22th, 2018
692 M