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Similar to the Butler but with more connectivity options and RDM capability, the Butler XT is a DMX/RDM Engine that can be used in standalone mode to replay and loop previously uploaded lighting shows, programmed using a PC running the e:cue Software Suite. The Butler XT is also used as a DMX/RDM device controlled by another e:cue Engine. In standalone mode, one DIN-rail mountable Butler XT controls up to 1024 DMX/RDM channels. The DMX/RDM channel control can be increased to 65,536 channels by clustering more Butlers XT. This Engine has many connectivity options used to control the lighting show running on the device. Connectivity options include direct connection to Glass Touch User Terminals, RS232, digital dry contact inputs, and e:cue protocols.


Key Features

  • Control up to 1024 DMX/RDM channels

One small yet powerful Butler XT can control up to 1024 DMX/RDM channels (individual control of 1024 monochromatic light nodes or 340 RGB color mixing nodes).


  • Supports RDM protocol for bidirectional communication

RDM’s (Remote Device Management) bidirectional communication feature allows configuration, status monitoring, and management of lighting fixtures with RDM capability.


  • Internal real-time and astronomical clock

Time-related triggers designed using the e:cue software suite also work when running on this device by using the Butler XT’s internal real-time and astronomical clock. This feature allows programming of lighting show triggers based on specific dates and taking into account daylight savings, and time of day, such as the start of dawn.

Technical Specifications

Order code 160098
Dimensions LxWxH 177 x 59.5 x 75.4 mm/6.97 x 2.34 x 2.97 inch
Weight kg / lbs 0.4 / 0.88
Power supply 12 ... 24 V DC
e:bus requires 24 V DC, >= 1,3A
Operating/ storage temp. 0 ... 40° C/32 ... 104° F
Operating/ storage hum. 0 ... 80% not condensing
Environment IP20
Housing Aluminium
Mounting 35 mm DIN Rail
Certifications CE
User interface Button, IR
System link e:bus (clamp terminals)
E:net (RJ45, Ethernet)
Output DMX (RJ45, clamp terminals)
Input RS-232 (clamp terminals)
RDM (RJ45, clamp terminals)
8 optically isolated digital inputs
Display 7 Seg.-LED
Data storage MicroSD card


Including technical drawings.
8 M
BUTLER XT Setup Manual English
Version 10.05.2011
3 M
BUTLER XT Data Sheet English
Version 20120524
373 K
BUTLER XT Data Sheet Chinese
Includes technical drawings.
218 K


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