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SYMPL Modular Range
Lighting Control Engine 2
Priscilla Queen of the Desert – New York, USA
East Pacific International Center
Mission Space – Neede, The Netherlands

Legacy software

Media Engine Firmware V3.5.332
Firmware Update for e:cue Media Engine

* Fixed: Sunrise Timer
(Media Engine local timezone and current daylight saving status is defined by e:cue Programmer / Show Properties / Sunrise Timer / Timezone and DST)

* Fixed: Driver Support for Faderunit RS232

1.) Extract the ZIP, insert an empty floppy in your PC and start the EXE to create an update disk.

2.) Insert the disk in your Media Engine, power up the device and follow the instructions on the display. Media Engine Light Users will need a VGA monitor to see the instructions.

3.) After successfull update press two times ESC. Display will get dark and the Media Engine will start rebooting. At this point you can remove the floppy disk to avoid a restart of the update procedure
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e:cue Programmer V3.5.351
This is the latest release of the e:cue Programmer. This Application is the user interface for mostly all e:cue products. It includes the e:cue Library Editor for creating your own fixtures and the e:cue Patchelor which simplifies setup of huge fixture arrays.

If you're installing installing e:cue Programmer first time, please notice the reboot message on the end of the installation procedure. Without rebooting some fonts will not be visible!

DirectX 9 is required.

XP Service Pack 2 is strictly recommended. But please don't block the e:cue Programmer with the XP Firewall: You must allow e:cue Programmer to open some ports. Otherwise communication with e:cue ethernet devices will not work properly (e.g. e:node512, e:com, e:link2048).

e:cue Programmer V3.5 and e:cue Programmer V3.3 can be both installed on the same PC. You don't have to uninstall the previous version.

If you're updating from an earlier Version V3.5.x to a newer one you normally don't have to uninstall the older version.

Installation of the e:cue Programmer also includes copies of all drivers for e:cue USB devices (nano, twilight+, faderunit etc.). Drivers can be found on at
c:\program files\ecue\ProgrammerV35\Drivers
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