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SYMPL Modular Range
Lighting Control Engine 2
Priscilla Queen of the Desert – New York, USA
East Pacific International Center
Mission Space – Neede, The Netherlands

Legacy software

e:cue lighting application suite 5.1 (LAS 5.1)
with e:cue programmer 5.1.335.1
For Windows® XP (SP3) and Windows® Vista®.
CPU must support SSE1.
Release Date 17.08.2009

* Programmer
* Library Editor (prerequisite for the Patchelor 5.1)
* Patchelor
* Imagine
* HASP (prerequisite for the Programmer 5.1)
* Image Library
* e:Player
38 M
e:cue lighting application suite 5.1 SP1 (LAS 5.1)
with e:cue programmer 5.1.601.960
For Windows® XP (SP3) and Windows® Vista®.
CPU must support SSE1.
Release Date 27.11.2009
Release Date 16.02.2010

* Programmer
* Library Editor (prerequisite for the Patchelor 5.1)
* Patchelor
* Imagine
* HASP (prerequisite for the Programmer 5.1)
* Image Library
* e:Player

Programmer 5.1 SP1

NEW: USB Hot Plug Support for "Nano USB Midi Board / Me2 Input Module", "Fader Unit USB", "DMX out excite", "DMX out excite+", "DMX out USB2DMX", "DMX out Me2 DMX Output Module", "DMX in excite+" and "DMX in Me2 DMX Input Module"
NEW: device support for "DMX in Me2 DMX Input Module" - the DMX input device of the ME2
NEW: Sound2light e:script Wizards added
NEW: "nicetime" e:script command format now based on localtime
CHANGE: DMX Credits System, now the DMX Credits are only charged one time for a used DMX universe. If you uses the universe 1 in multiple Instances of ArtNet or KiNet devices, the new DMX Credits System charge only one DMX Credits.
CHANGE: The Twilight and Twilight Plus is not longer supported by the Programmer.
CHANGE: The show Export dialog has now a Master Device selection box
CHANGE: Action Pad Buttons now showing Optical Feedback of Goto Cue Action.
FIXED: The Backup System works now with the butler xt and connect base, without having a long timeout on Device Restart.
FIXED: Merge DMX Input to universe
FIXED: Mutual Exclude not working correctly
FIXED: Cuelist action "Toggle Play" was not working correctly
FIXED: Astronomical Clock Preview Issue

Changes in 5.1.560.961 since 27.11.2009
FIXED: Backup System Problems with restart drivers on Main System
FIXED: KiNet device supports now the BackupMode
FIXED: Driver Restart on activating the Main or Backup System
CHANGE: install now always MSXML6, especially for WINDOWS XP Systems
FIXED: Automatic state control on Action Pad buttons works now with the Action Toggle Cuelist
FIXED: Opening up the enterprise or elements version without a dongle just shows a strange error.
FIXED: Installer produce now shortcuts with correct working path(happens in start menu and could also apply to desktop shortcuts)
FIXED: Butler Microserver send / receive buffer have now the right size - so the Programmer have no longer Problems with a big amount of Butler Microserver
NEW: BuildDate in About Dialog

Patchelor 5.1 SP1

NEW: Mirror functions
NEW: Enhanced support for Traxon Dynamic/Warm/Cold White fixtures (testing, .PATCH export)
NEW: Pressing the identify button of a device now causes the device to be selected in the device list
NEW: Direct connection to Imagine (by adding it as a device, requires Imagine 5.1 SR1)
NEW: Support for desk channels in Imagine export
NEW: Changes at the Main Library are now automatically recognized at startup
NEW: Improved mouse wheel handling
NEW: Improved camera position in Imagine Output (now facing the current position in the first section)
CHANGE: ScreenIDs in .PATX are now unqiue and persistent, but no longer position-dependent (as in 3.8 patches)
CHANGE: Patching the first video line on a VMC is no longer allowed (reflects a device limitation)
CHANGE: Improved context menu organization
FIXED: Head/tail channels were ignored when computing the DMX footprint of a fixture
FIXED: Certain .PATCH files could lead to a crash when beeing loaded by Emotion
FIXED: No more duplicate screen IDs after .PATX export
FIXED: Some problems related to deleting matrices
FIXED: Autoscrolling during drag operations was broken
FIXED: Some undo-related bug fixes
FIXED: Various small fixes

Library Editor 5.1 SP1
NEW: new Traxon and Color Kinetics tiles

HASP Driver
NEW: Windows 7 support
39 M
e:Player V5.1.1.11

e:Player is similar to a common Windows Media Player except it is remote controlable by the e:cue Programmer Enterprise.
One e:cue Programmer can remote control multiple e:Players via your local area network.
370 K