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SYMPL Modular Range
Lighting Control Engine 2
Priscilla Queen of the Desert – New York, USA
East Pacific International Center
Mission Space – Neede, The Netherlands

Legacy software

e:cue Lighting Application Suite 5.2 SR1 (LAS 5.2)

Service Release 1
with Programmer 5.2.300.1865
Release Date 2010-12-08

For Windows® XP (SP3, 32 Bit), Windows® Vista® (32 Bit) and Windows® 7 (32 Bit).
CPU must support SSE1.

The Programmer 5.2 is not longer compatible with older/earlier Programmer show files.

* Programmer
* Library Editor (prerequisite for the Programmer and the Patchelor)
* Patchelor
* Imagine
* HASP (prerequisite for the Programmer 5.2 Enterprise and Elements)

========================= CHANGELOG since 2010-07-16 =========================

Programmer 5.2.300.1865
Release Date 2010-12-08

NEW: e:bus input module device support
NEW: IR support in Butler XT online mode via e:script
IMPROVED: MOXA I/O E2210/E2240 device (performance)
IMPROVED: HTTP Server module (performance)
IMPROVED: excite/excite+ and USBDMX21 DMX output handling (performance)
IMPROVED: Sequencer GUI component (performance)
IMPROVED: Action Pad FLASH component (performance)
CHANGE: Sequencer pure audio files will now be shown as pure audio wave graph
CHANGE: Sequencer area is darkened during PLAYBACK state
FIXED: Connect Base retransmit of lost switch commands
FIXED: Video Capture: Support for non RGB devices
FIXED: Usage of Action Pad Id
FIXED: Saving of content in Macro script editor
FIXED: Preview of first section is now refreshed after changing any section properties
FIXED: Using of a range in the Fixture View is now working
FIXED: Patching of different fixtures in the same section
FIXED: Potential crash when logging to disc
FIXED: Access to Programmer Enterprise via remote desktop
NOT FIXED: editing FX settings


Patchelor V5.2.931.787
Release Date 2010-11-19

NEW: Section content can now be rotated
NEW: Simplified patching of multiple fixtures using Ctrl
IMPROVED: Bitmap drawing performance
IMPROVED: Improved RDM support
FIXED: Copy/Paste between section could lead to a crash
FIXED: Fixture Head channel were not considered during pixel addressing
FIXED: Undo Distribute/Space Evenly was broken
FIXED: Matrix now maintains base address on addressing scheme change
FIXED: Various minor bug fixes


Library Editor V5.2.45.96
Release Date 2010-11-05

NEW: Directly Merge Import from a .vlb library file without using an External Library
NEW: Some new fixture and tile definitions
FIXED: Crossfade convert problem from .vlb files
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e:cue Lighting Application Suite 5.2 (LAS 5.2) - Product Information

Product information document for e:cue Lighting Application Suite 5.2.
This document contains information about the new features of LAS 5.2 as well as a presentation of the license model and the differences between the various editions of the Software.
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