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SYMPL Modular Range
Lighting Control Engine 2
Priscilla Queen of the Desert – New York, USA
East Pacific International Center
Mission Space – Neede, The Netherlands

Legacy software

LAS 5.3 SR2 (Service Release 2)

Programmer V5.3.138.2837
Release Date 2011-08-12

Sunrise Timer
The Sunrise Timer has now an additional checkbox to select the twilight mode used by the sunrise trigger. The user can now choose between civil, nautical and astronomical twilight.

Patchelor V5.3.947.813
Release Date 2011-02-28

Library Editor V5.3.11.118
Release Date 2011-05-25

Imagine V5.3.16.1
Release Date 2011-03-04

HASP Driver V5.3.595.7
Release Date 2011-02-28

67 M
Emotion FX 5.3 SR1 DEMO (Service Release 1)

Emotion FX V5.3.53.659
Release Date 2011-06-01

For Windows® 7 (32 Bit).
CPU must support SSE3.

This is a restriced DEMO version of the Emotion FX and runs only with an e:cue Programmer Enterprise dongle.
The non-demo version is only available as bundle with the new LCE-FX.
14 M
What's New in LAS5.3 SR2

This PDF document decribes all changes from LAS 5.3 SR1 to LAS 5.3 SR2 (Service Release 2).
402 K
Button Library V1.0
Icon library with about 600 different icons specially designed for usage with e:cue Programmer 'Action Pad'.
3 M