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SYMPL Modular Range
Lighting Control Engine 2
Priscilla Queen of the Desert – New York, USA
East Pacific International Center
Mission Space – Neede, The Netherlands

Legacy software

e:cue Lighting Application Suite 7.0 Hotfix1(LAS 7.0)

with Programmer v7.0.116.6138
with Emotion FX v7.0.9.1124
Release Date 2014-09-19

For Microsoft® Windows® Vista® Professional SP2 (32bit or 64bit), Windows® 7 Professional (32bit or 64bit).
CPU must support SSE2.

The Programmer 7.0 is no longer compatible in all details with older/earlier Programmer show files before v7.0.
That means, showfiles created in 7.0 can NOT be loaded in earlier versions.
Please use "e:cue Action Pad App for Android/iOS" in Version 3.2.1 with this Programmer.

* Programmer
* Library Editor (prerequisite for the Programmer and the Patchelor)
* Patchelor
* Imagine
* Emotion FX (restriced Demo which runs only with an e:cue Programmer Enterprise dongle, works only with Programmer 7.0)
* HASP (prerequisite for the Programmer 7.0 Enterprise and Premium)

* FIXED: Modbus TCP/IP terminal cannot handle start address.
* FIXED: ecueDiscoveryService does not detect IP/connection chances of NIC.
* NEW: DALI Manager for setup and controlling OSRAM DALI ballasts and inputs.
* NEW: ETH2DALI support for DALI, DMX OUT and TERMINAL device driver.
* NEW: The trigger machine has been extended to support conditions for every trigger. A trigger will only fire if all conditions are fulfilled.
* NEW: Action and Trigger clipboard function for copy and paste.
* NEW: The Emotion FX Sequence properties have been extended to configure the patched pixels overlay mask
* NEW: It is possible now to let a video loop automatically for Emotion FX sequences.
* NEW: Timrecode support for Standard Sequences (SMPTE or MTC).
* NEW: Some new string processing e:script commands.
* NEW: New V-Master registrated event.
* NEW: Support for Moxa E1242
* NEW: No longer support for Nano RS-232, Faderunit RS-232, Elink 512/1024 and Excite (the old Excite, NOT the Excite+).
* NEW: The bitmap wizard has been extended to use the current Programmer View content as wizard input.
* NEW: The "Pages Setup" has been moved from the cuelist directory into a separate dialog.
* NEW: The patch import can be configured to work addivtive now instead of clearing the current patch.
* NEW: The Patch dialog offers an option now where you can specify into which section the fixtures should be inserted.
* NEW: new DALI Trigger, Backup Trigger and Ethernet Input Trigger Event.
* NEW: The export dialog has a new option "set all masters to maximum" which is part of the export master device configuration.

Emotion FX
* NEW: A transparrent overlay mask based on the mapped pixels can be displayed now to help with the layer positioning.

* NEW: ETH2DALI support

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